True comfort is about more than pleasant temperatures. It’s also about reliable peace and quiet. Most air conditioners make some noise as they run, but there are a variety of options to reduce sound as much as possible.

However, some sounds aren’t normal and are actually signs something is wrong with your air conditioner. Learning which is which may help you reduce problems with your cooling system.

What Does It Mean When My Air Conditioner Makes Noises?

It’s impossible to make an air conditioner run silently, because noise is a natural byproduct as the fan runs. Most air conditioners produce a soft hum as air circulates into your ductwork. One click is also normal when your thermostat tells your air conditioner to start running.

If you hear a strange or unpleasant sound coming from your air conditioner, the best thing to do is shut it off immediately before calling a professional at Diamond Blue Air for air conditioning repair in Irving, TX.

6 Common Air Conditioning Noises and What They Mean

Here are a few common noises and what they might mean.

Hissing or Gurgling

These kinds of sounds often come from leaks, often from a cracked valve or somewhere in the refrigerant line. A coolant leak can seriously affect your comfort, so it’s important to react quickly.

Buzzing or Humming

The most common culprits are electrical issues or motor trouble. If the sounds only appear during certain settings, it can be traced back to a faulty component. Constant buzzing or humming is more likely to be a problem with the wiring.

Clanking or Banging

These loud noises can come from broken moving parts or debris caught in the machinery. Sometimes these sounds originate deep within your ductwork.

If you hear loud, annoying noises coming from your air conditioner, give your Diamond Blue Air technician as much detail as possible. We’ll narrow down possible causes and resolve the issue quickly.

3 Ways to Reduce Noise from Your Air Conditioner

If there’s nothing wrong with your air conditioner and it’s just loud, there are ways you can make it quieter.

1. Place Sound Barriers Around AC Unit

There are various ways to muffle the noise coming from your air conditioner. A noise blanket may reduce HVAC noise by 40%. These blankets are wrapped around the compressor, which is usually the loudest component. Rubber and glass insulation absorbs noise, trapping it within the blanket.

Even natural materials like plants can muffle sound. Ornamental flowers and shrubs not only look attractive, but diminish how far noise can travel. Make sure they’re planted at least one foot away from the air conditioner on all sides. If they’re too close, airflow, your comfort and your energy bill can be impacted.

2. Routine Tune-Ups

Though noise is a normal byproduct of your air conditioner, keeping internal components in the best possible condition can reduce the noise they make. Consider enrolling in our Diamond Blue 360 Protection Plan for air conditioning maintenance in Irving, TX, and surrounding areas. Our professionals examine critical components to check they’re working properly in the spring and fall. This ensures your air conditioner is running smoothly and as energy efficiently as possible.

3. Install a New Air Conditioner

If other methods fall short, a new air conditioner is less likely to produce as much noise.
Look for air conditioners like Lennox® and American Standard® that advertise multi-stage or variable-speed cooling. This means the air conditioner can run at a lower and quieter speed on more temperate days. This delivers quieter cooling that may even lower your energy bill.
Diamond Blue Air proudly partners with Lennox to deliver affordable, quiet and energy-efficient cooling through our air conditioning installation in Irving, TX, and surrounding areas.

A Quieter Air Conditioner Starts with Diamond Blue Air

Whether you need routine maintenance or new installation, the cooling professionals at Diamond Blue Air get the job done right. Our experienced technicians are trained to solve your noise problem quickly and affordably. We even back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee*, and treat customers like family. Call us at 469-200-3100 to get started today!