How to Hide an Air Conditioner Unit Outside

Your air conditioner is vital for your comfort. But it’s also large, ugly and can be an eyesore that detracts from your beautiful yard. Here are a few things to know before hiding your air conditioner outside, as well as ways you can make it look more attractive.

3 Things to Keep in Mind Before Hiding Your Air Conditioner

1. Maintain Ample Clearance on All Sides

Your air conditioner needs plenty of airflow to work properly. If it gets crowded by a fence or plants, it will have to work harder to keep you cool. This can drive up your energy bill and even make your air conditioner break down, because it’s running much harder than it needs to.

We’d like for you to avoid unnecessary repairs, but if you need them, our Diamond Blue Air professionals are here to help with fast, affordable air conditioning repair in Irving, TX, and surrounding areas.

Here is what most manufacturers recommend for clearance around your air conditioner:

  • At minimum: 12 inches on all sides
  • For best performance: 24 inches on all sides

2. Don’t Cover the Top

The top of your air conditioner needs even more room to breathe. We recommend 60 inches minimum clearance to keep your system running efficiently. When considering ways to hide an air conditioner, make sure that you leave the top open. Otherwise, you risk decreased airflow and an increased chance of repairs.

3. Leave Room for Maintenance

Lastly, it’s important to leave enough room around your air conditioner so we can work on it. This includes routine air conditioning maintenance, repairs and eventual air conditioning installation.

How to Hide Your Air Conditioner

Use a Fence to Hide Your Air Conditioner

Using a fence to hide your air conditioner is a smart way to maintain proper airflow while maintaining space for us to service it. You can build around your air conditioner and then add a gate for easy access.

Here are a few fencing ideas to hide your air conditioner:

  • Picket fence to hide air conditioner: These are typically made out of wood. You can either buy a premade version or build one yourself. Some of the most popular ones include traditional white styles with vertical columns. For a more modern look, choose fencing that runs horizontally and leave it unpainted.
  • Vinyl fencing to hide air conditioner: Vinyl is a more durable choice than wood. It’s available in a wide variety of styles, including vertical picket, horizontal picket and more. This fencing is usually available in white, black or natural colors.
  • Screen to hide air conditioner unit: Using a privacy screen to hide your air conditioner is a modern way to make your backyard more attractive. These freestanding screens are often available in patterns, which can help enhance airflow, as well as a wide variety of popular colors.
  • Hide air conditioner with plants: There are many plants that work well for hiding your air conditioner. Some of the top options include tall grasses, small ornamental trees and flowering bushes like roses. When selecting your plants, pay attention to how much sun or shade the area gets so that you make the right choice. Once you’ve picked your plants and are ready to get them in the ground, don’t forget to leave room for them to grow.
  • Shrubs to hide air conditioner: Shrubs are a great choice for concealing your air conditioner. Choose from colorful, fast-growing hydrangeas or tall, drought-resistant evergreens.

Now that you’ve got your backyard looking good, keep your air conditioner in great shape with our wide range of affordable services. Whether you need to enroll in an annual maintenance plan or upgrade your air conditioner, Diamond Blue can help. We’re proud to be Top Rated and an Elite Service Professional on HomeAdvisor. Give us a call at 469-200-3100 today!