Cooling Repair and Service

Summer lasts six months or more in the Dallas Metroplex and your cooling system takes a beating working day after day after day. Our licensed, certified HVAC service technicians will inspect your air conditioner and restore it to peak performance with any needed repairs or a pre-season tune-up.

Heating Repair and Service

It may be hot today but cold weather isn’t too far off. Is your heating system ready to keep you warm? Diamond Blue Air’s certified, grandma-approved HVAC services technicians can inspect your whole home system and get your heating system primed for that first cold snap that’s just around the corner.

New AC/Heating System

If your system is over 10-15 years old, you’re missing out on the energy savings of new HVAC technology. A new unit will work better & pay for itself in reduced energy usage & saved repairs in a few years. If your system breaks down often or struggles to keep you comfortable, let us give you a quote on a new high efficiency HVAC system.

Indoor Air Quality

Everyone hates the sniffling, sneezing, congestion and sinus pressure that go with allergies and colds. The air quality in your home may be aggravating these symptoms if your indoor air contains excess dust, pollen and other allergens. Diamond Blue Air can help improve indoor air quality. Contact us to learn more.

Maintenance Plans

Why sign up for a regular service and maintenance plan? An HVAC service plan keeps your heating and cooling systems in good condition and ready to go. This is important here in Texas, where we may have a 90 degree day in February and a 40 degree day in April. A maintenance agreement from Diamond Blue Air means you can schedule a visit with one of our certified technicians–at your convenience–to perform our complete HVAC service checklist. This ensures your system is all set to run at peak performance when needed.