Winter is Here – Make Sure Your SYSTEM is Ready for Cold Weather.

Here are some tips to try on your own if your heating won’t start:

Check your thermostat battery: Not all have a battery but a dead or weak battery will keep your system from starting.

Check the circuit breaker: A unit pulling too much current will trip the breaker killing power to the system. You can reset the breaker to see if the system starts or trips again. If it trips again or your not comfortable resetting yourself then it’s time to Call DiamondBlueAir for assistance. Whenever you call…

We check these 20 Critical Operations on your system every call.

1. Condensor Coil Cleaning
2. Measure & Compare Actual Readings to SPEC
3. Check Blower Motor
4. Check Blower Capacitor
5. Check Coil Capacitor
6. Add Algae Tablets
7. Clean out Drain
8. Check Compressor
9. Compressor Contactors
10. Compressor Capacitor

11. Condensor Fan Motor
12. Condensor Cap
13. All Indoor Air Quality Products
14. Check Insulation Levels
15. Verify Circuit Board Condition
16. Verify all wiring connections are optimal
17. Check Attic Venting
18. Check Thermostat Functionality
19. Check Duct System
20. Full System Analysis