We Treat Our
Customers Like Family!

We treat our customers like family

AC Repair in Lewisville TX

Highly Rated Air Conditioning Repair Service & New Installation in Lewisville, TX

Need AC repair in Lewisville, TX? Diamond Blue Air has you covered. Hours seem like days when your home heats up while waiting for air conditioning service to arrive.

Our goal is to reach our Lewisville customers as fast as possible when AC service is needed in your home or business. 

Our experienced HVAC service technicians are familiar with all of the major AC systems installed around Lewisville. Our company philosophy is to first provide AC repair service on existing units whenever possible before recommending a new AC unit. 

We realize that customers desire prompt response times to fix their air conditioner when it’s not functioning properly, but also honest advice on which repairs are truly necessary. You won’t find our HVAC techs promoting replacement when service makes more financial sense for your air conditioner system.

We’re an HVAC company that treats you like our family by offering exceptional customer service. That’s why all our work is supported with a 100% guarantee.* Call us at 469-200-3100  to schedule your appointment now!

New AC Installation in Lewisville

Even the best AC unit eventually gets old, and replacement becomes part of the logical list of options. As stated, our primary goal is to keep your existing AC system running as long as possible. However, there are times when important (and expensive) components such as compressors wear out and the cost to replace them rivals the cost of new equipment.

An aging system nearing the end of its life requiring regular repairs often makes a better financial case for replacement over continued repairs. 

A new air conditioning installation will bring increased energy efficiency to your home, lower monthly bills, and help improve your indoor air quality as well. We are HVAC system experts. We install traditional air conditioning systems but also offer heat pump installation, too. These are efficient units that take care of both the cooling and heating needs of your home.

If you’re due for air conditioning installation in Lewisville, TX, or would simply like to explore a new unit for a future date, we’ll walk you through your options including Amana®, American Standard®, or any other brand you’re interested in. We can also discuss a smart thermostat, air purifier, and other popular components that help improve indoor air comfort for Lewisville residents.

Qualified Lewisville customers can take advantage of special financing to make their system more affordable. We provide several plans, including zero payments or interest for up to 12 months.

When you work with us, you can rest easy knowing you’re in experienced hands. Our customers have ranked us as both a Top Rated and Elite Service Professional on HomeAdvisor. This means our customers who rated us strongly recommend us to family and friends.

When you need air conditioning system installation in Lewisville, TX, call the HVAC repair pros at 469-200-3100. Our friendly techs will be dispatched quickly to take care of all your needs.

Protect Your System with an Air Conditioner Maintenance Plan

We all know the importance of maintaining things like automobiles and even personal health, but sometimes we take our air conditioning or heating system for granted. This vital system keeps your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and it has moving components that need regular attention and maintenance. 

We recommend system maintenance twice per year. This includes spring service before the heat arrives, and fall service before your heating system is needed. 

Both air conditioning and heating maintenance go a long way in preserving the life of your existing AC unit, furnace, or heat pump. It can result in lower energy bills, and help you avoid unnecessary breakdowns and repair bills. 

Have a new unit? You’re making an investment in your home when you replace your air conditioner or furnace, so don’t skip the maintenance on new units, either. With an HVAC maintenance plan from Diamond Blue, you’ll be able to protect that valuable investment.

This HVAC maintenance plan:

  • Decreases the likelihood of malfunctions.
  • May improve energy efficiency.
  • Could help you get more years out of your system.
  • Keeps your warranty ongoing.

Our comprehensive Diamond 360 Protection Plan includes 22-point seasonal service for air conditioning maintenance in Lewisville, TX, and furnace maintenance. We check all the important components, as well as refrigerant levels. Plus, you’ll also receive additional repair discounts and fast priority service.

Learn more about our maintenance plans and call us at 469-200-3100. to enroll now!

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Protect Your Investment with a Maintenance Plan

Keep your system running smoothly with a Diamond 360 Protection Plan.

Heating System & Furnace Repair in Lewisville, TX

Lewisville knows all about hot summers, but the winter months also bring cool nights where reliable heating service is also needed. Your heating system is not only important for indoor comfort, but also prevents pipe freezes when the temperature drops.

We understand that it’s frustrating when your furnace quits working. Frustration only builds when you are left waiting for an HVAC contractor to show up, but can’t seem to get an updates on when they’ll actually arrive. 

Call Diamond Blue air for prompt service on your traditional heating system needs as well as heat pump service. When you need affordable furnace repair in Lewisville, TX , our team has you covered.

Time for a new heating unit? Even with proper maintenance, furnaces only last so long. When you need to replace yours, our Diamond Blue pros can handle your heating installation as well. 

We’ll help you choose an energy-efficient and affordable solution from Amana ®, American Standard ®, or other top brands. And don’t forget to ask us about flexible financing for qualified Lewisville customers, including no payments for up to 12 months.

At Diamond Blue, we want to be the Lewisville HVAC company that treats you like family. That’s why our work comes with a 100% guarantee.* 

Call us at 469-200-3100 to schedule your heating or air conditioning appointment now!


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