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How to Control Your Central Air Conditioner with Your Phone

Smart thermostats make adjusting your air conditioner quick, easy and convenient. Some of the most popular brands, like ecobee and Nest, give you the ability to adjust settings from your phone.

At Diamond Blue Air, we’ve worked with many air conditioners that are compatible with smart thermostat technology. Our technicians will be happy to explain their features and how to use them. Before you know it, you’re reaping the rewards that modern design and functionality have to offer.

Learn more about smart thermostats below. Installing one can give you more convenience and may even lower your energy bill.

What Are Smart Thermostats and How Do They Work?

Smart thermostats are a step up from programmable thermostats because they don’t require much effort from you. Here’s why:

  • They learn from your temperature preferences.
  • They create energy-efficient programming based on when you’re home and away.
  • You can monitor and change your temperature settings from your phone.

A smart thermostat may or may not be compatible with your air conditioner, depending on its age and your thermostat wiring. If you’re unsure whether a smart thermostat will work in your home, give Diamond Blue Air a call at 469-200-3100.

If your air conditioner is old and wearing out, consider our air conditioning installation in Irving, TX and surrounding areas. Not only are they compatible with smart technology, but you’ll also enjoy increased energy efficiency—which may lower monthly cooling costs.

Benefits of Installing a Smart Thermostat


A smart thermostat is accessible from your smartphone. They allow you to use app to control your air conditioning, receive helpful notifications and much more. With intuitive and user-friendly design, you can quickly learn how to maximize your air conditioning’s functionality.

Maintenance Notifications

Another benefit of using your smartphone is the wide variety of notifications your thermostat can send you. It can detect potential problems with your HVAC system, and alert you right away. You’ll also receive helpful reminders, like when to change the air filter.

Adjust Your Thermostat from Just About Anywhere

Did you forget to adjust the thermostat before leaving for vacation? Handle the problem with a swipe of your finger. Is a heat wave or cold front on the way? You can accommodate sudden changes in outdoor temperature in just a few seconds. Turn your home into a true oasis of fast and efficient comfort.

Trust Our Experts for Your Smart Air Conditioning Needs

Whether you’re looking to install a smart thermostat or a new air conditioner, our cooling specialists at Diamond Blue Air can help. We serve Irving and surrounding suburbs.

We’ll help you find the right option for your needs and budget, and then back it with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.* Call us at 469-200-3100 to get started today!

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