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Why Is My Air Conditioner is Blowing Hot Air? 6 Reasons

There’s nothing worse than turning down the thermostat settings on your home’s AC on a scorching hot Texas day, only to realize the unit is blowing warm air.

Your comfort and safety are a priority, so when you face an air conditioning problem and don’t want to troubleshoot it’s time to call in the experts. 

Diamond Blue Air is ready with a team of trusted HVAC professionals ready to solve your cooling needs. We’re available for both routine and emergency repairs, and we’ll get your air conditioning back to blowing cool air quickly, and at a fair price. Give us a call at 469-200-3100 to schedule.

For those reading that have more time and a desire to troubleshoot, here are 6 reasons why your air conditioner might be blowing hot air.

Common Causes of an Air Conditioner Blowing Warm or Hot Air

There are a number of reasons that your air conditioner isn’t functioning properly and not blowing cold air. These can be due to clogging issues, electrical problems, low refrigerant, evaporator coil malfunctions, or compressor problems

If you’ve ever had the ac system in your car stop functioning, it’s often due to a refrigerant leak or dirty coil. Your home’s system can experience similar issues. Diagnosing an air conditioning system problem on a home or commercial building isn’t quite as simple. 

Restoring your HVAC system back to proper order isn’t just about comfort, but also safety. Having proper air circulation in an ac unit is the key to having healthy indoor air quality. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common issues that prevent cold airflow. 

#1 Problems with the Thermostat

Before you call a professional to look at an indoor unit, check for a few basic things. Sometimes fixing the problem is as easy as checking your thermostat.

This is your air conditioning unit’s control center. Check to see that your temperature is set below the current air temperature, and lower it if need be.

Of course, if it’s set to “heat,” you won’t get any air conditioning at all. If you have a zoned system, be sure to check both thermostats. A conflicting setting in one area of the house can affect overall function.

While you’re at it, check the fan setting. Make sure your thermostat is set to “auto” and not “on,” as the “on” setting will make the fan run continuously and circulate air regardless of its temperature. 

Sometimes it’s common to turn the fan on to bring in some fresh air, only to forget about it. A continuously running fan can offset the indoor temperature you feel coming from the vents.

Also, the batteries may need to be replaced in the thermostat itself. (This doesn’t go for all models, but if it applies, it’s an easy fix.)

If this doesn’t fix the problem, your thermostat might be malfunctioning. Your Diamond Blue technician can troubleshoot your thermostat and determine if it needs to be replaced.

Need Help?

The fixes in this section are all things you can check on yourself. If these don’t solve the problem or go beyond your comfort level, give us a call for fast air conditioning repair in Irving TX, or the surrounding Carrollton area.

We will check for possible wiring problems or shorts in the thermostat or other underlying issues in your inside and outside unit.

#2 Tripped Breaker or Electrical Surge

Are there any breaker switches that were tripped? Obviously, if your AC is not running at all your first concern wouldn’t be warm air. However, it’s possible part of the system, such as the outdoor condensing unit, is powered off.

Take a look at the circuit box. (This is often in the garage, but not always.)

If it has tripped, simply flip it back and check the air temp again. If it continues to trip, it is a sign of something else going on inside the system that needs attention. Give us a call for a diagnosis.

#3  A Clogged Line and Water Build up 

Every air conditioner produces water as a byproduct of conditioning the warm air, so it has a drain system to get rid of it. If the hose or condensate line is clogged, it can cause problems and can potentially leak water

Most units have a safety mechanism and it can cause the AC compressor to shut down. This problem can be prevented by scheduling regular air conditioning maintenance visits to keep your lines clean and the system running at peak efficiency. 

#4 Dirty Air Filters

Every bit of air that travels out of your air conditioner is first run through the air filters. A dirty air filter doesn’t seem like a huge problem, but it leads to far bigger issues. If the airflow becomes restricted due to dirty or clogged filters, it can cause the motor, fan, or compressor to overcompensate and even cause the system to shut off.

Eventually, your ac system can freeze up. A clean air filter is an easy and inexpensive way to ensure you are not restricting airflow, which will help your system perform at optimal levels.

If left unattended, the dirty air can begin to affect the evaporator coil. A dirty evaporator coil won’t allow your system to cool like it should, and is sometimes related to dirty filters.

Changing air filters should be done regularly. We can assist you in determining the best practices for your home and system during regular maintenance visits. 

#5 Low Refrigerant Levels

Refrigerant is the agent that facilitates the heat-cold exchange, so when levels are low your air conditioner will start cooling less. This is one common reason why your AC unit isn’t as cool as it used to be.

When your air conditioner’s evaporator coil becomes dirty or has a leak, it will struggle to transfer heat from your home. This can result in a less comfortable home, higher electrical bills and may even shorten the life span of your air conditioner. This can usually be taken care of during routine air conditioning maintenance to help you avoid this issue.

Slow leaks from the lines that carry the refrigerant can cause levels to drop. Your coil might also have a refrigerant leak and can be checked with the right instrumentation. Low-level leaks can eventually cause damage to all parts of the air conditioner or heat pump, as the machinery will work harder to compensate for the loss. 

Recharging the refrigerant is a job that is best left to HVAC professionals. Finding and fixing the leak is a specialized job that requires a lot of know-how. An inferior DIY job will cause continued issues and further damage to the mechanism. Not to mention, most homeowners don’t have the proper access to R-22 or R-410A refrigerant or the equipment to safely do this. Checking and maintaining proper levels can easily be done when it’s time to service your air conditioner, both in Spring or Fall.

#6 Restricted or Malfunctioning Compressor 

The compressor’s job is to compress the refrigerant that keeps the cooling evaporator coil cold. Therefore, if the condenser coil is not working at full capacity to expel the hot air outside, the cooling coil will not be as cold as it needs to be to decrease the indoor air temperature.

In general, there are a variety of things that can go wrong with compressors, the simplest of which are dirty condenser coils. You might initially notice that it’s simply not turning on like it should be, which will signal a problem.

A build-up of dirt and debris such as leaves on the outdoor unit is very common and often overlooked by homeowners while cutting grass every week. This is one of the first things an HVAC professional will check for. 

Any compressor repair or replacement jobs should only be completed by a licensed HVAC  professional. 

Diamond Blue Can Troubleshoot Why Your Air Conditioner is Blowing Hot Air

No matter what air conditioning issue you’re currently dealing with, the trusted professionals at Diamond Blue have a solution that will fit your budget. 

Does your existing air conditioner need repairs? Do you suspect a dirty evaporator coil, refrigerant leak, or simply unsure of where to start? Our technicians can help with a full range of mechanical problems. 

We’ll complete every ac repair quickly and flawlessly, and at a fair price.

Want the latest in HVAC technology for your home? Our technicians can also discuss the installation of a new unit if it’s time to replace your ac system instead of repairing it.

Blue Diamond also offers excellent air conditioner maintenance plans for both old and new systems. Enjoy peak performance and energy efficiency that can lower your monthly energy bills and even extend the lifespan of your unit. Our goal is to always fix first, whenever possible. 

All services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Blue Diamond serves all of DFW with prompt and friendly service throughout the Metroplex. 

To request an appointment, call 469-200-3100 today!

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